Sobezone launches its Diamond service

Well established in the corporate object market, Sobezone recently announced that it will expand its offering with a new Diamond service geared specifically to large corporations’ high yield clients.

“Presenting this type of service to our customers was a logical evolution. We already work with large corporations and every single one of them has a privileged clientele. We saw an opportunity to better serve these companies by offering this turnkey service,” explains Sobezone President, Geneviève Éthier.

Diamond services, similar to a dedicated concierge service, are reserved for companies wishing to offer exceptional, luxurious products to a target privileged clientele.

“In the context of a competitive market, building close relationships with high yield partners is a priority for many large organizations. These relationships are precious, and we absolutely understand this. In this type of high-end service, it is essential to offer the right object to the right person. To come up with the perfect object, we must know our clients well. We already work on many projects with large corporations; the Diamond service simply gives us another opportunity to better meet their needs,” says Geneviève Éthier

Whether it is haute couture, jewelry or artisanal objects, Sobezone’s extensive network offers privileged access to the market’s well-known brands.

“Our discretion, our listening skills and our ability to fulfill requests on time make us an invaluable partner to fulfill the needs of our clients’ exceptional clients,” concludes Geneviève Éthier.
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