NFC promotional items

Sobezone now offers NFC (Near Field Communication) promotional items. But what is NFC?

NFC (Near-Field Communication) is a form of wireless data transfer that allows a user to access information by simply tapping an NFC enabled device over our product. Pictures, Video, audio files, Geo location and many more options become instantly available through a link enabled on the NFC product. NO TYPING AND NO WIRES… Convenience has never been easier to access your promo content.

Pros/What It Means For Companies + Consumers:


Flexibility and convenience at the touch of a button. NFC technology covers use in a vast range of management and services. From booking reservations to making direct payments, this hassle-free method makes dealings easier than ever. Important documents, information, and presentations can easily be transferred device-to-device during meetings and sales. Never worry about poor internet connections or the lack of wires ever again!


Your name is reflected in your establishment. With modern technology on the rise, products and devices are always an exciting experience. Clients view enterprises who adopt newer technology as innovate and progressive, leading to a higher likening of the brand. NFC allows companies to better serve customers by presenting a method that takes the fuss and fumbling out of daily transactions. With a modern experience, latest technology, and seamless service, NFC will help you thrive in all aspects of business.


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