The Sobezone Experience

A rigorous and simple process

from start to finish.

The creation of an object that will become an ambassador for your brand should not to be taken lightly. At Sobezone, we dive into every project with lots of creativity and a stringent procedure. Our promise: to deliver a quality product that generates the desired emotion, in the right person, within the time frame. Comprising six steps and precise control points, the goal is to ensure a cohesive and harmonious experience from beginning to end.


Understand the need


Understand the need, brainstorm and research

Our top priority? To know your reality. The first step, understanding your need, is key to creating and personalizing your future object in order to generate an experience. Who will the object be given to? When? In what context? What is the desired emotion? What is the timeframe? What is your budget? We understand the importance of the object you are looking for… This is why we do extensive research and uncover every detail. We work as a team, joining forces and ideas, thereby maximizing our efficiency.


Suggestion and discussion

At this point, you are not catalogue shopping. It’s your ideas and your needs that give life to the promotional object. We present several ideas that reflect your brand image and accurately convey the message to your client. The object you have in mind doesn’t exist on the market? No worries; respecting certain quantity criteria, we can design and build it for you.


Suggestion and discussion


Adaptation or creation


Adaptation or creation of the product

It’s a go! Whether adapting an existing object or building your one-of-a kind item, our graphic design team has all the talent and experience necessary to design an exclusive product that will positively influence the client experience. Uniting our expertise and craft to your ideas, we will accomplish amazing things! Our objects express emotion; they convey a message, your message.


Production and quality control

We have developed an extensive network of suppliers across the globe. These solid partnerships enable us to meet deadlines and ensure the quality of every object. Our stringent procedure enables us to standardize every production step. At Sobezone, memories and experiences rhyme with quality.


Production and quality control


Packaging and assembly


Packaging (co-packing) and assembly

The production of an object may require additional handling such as packaging and assembly prior to shipping to your clients or to points of sale. At Sobezone, our expertise is not limited to making objects. We expand the value chain by offering clients complete support for packaging and assembly. Our team takes care of everything, from object creation to delivery.


Delivery and post-mortem

Respecting the delivery deadline is fundamental in our domain. Whether it’s a product launch, a communication campaign promotion or a special event, regardless of the reason why your organization needs an object, on-time delivery is vital to us. Every day, we face logistical challenges, yet we manage to deliver your object to a variety of events and points of sale across the world. Once the project is complete, our team sits down with you to perform a thorough project assessment to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Delivery and post-mortem