Bring your team together with a custom working at home employee kit

Working remotely from home: Bring your team together by sending them a set of items with a support message

The current crisis affecting the world is forcing us to review our typical work methods and styles. Although many employees and companies are already used to this type of work, for many, it is one that calls for a great deal of adaptation. According to Jobboom and Statistics Canada, two major downsides to working remotely from home is that feeling of isolation that many of us might be experiencing at the moment, as well as the impression that one is forgotten by their employer.

To ease these feelings of isolation and of being left to oneself, there are things beyond communicating with one’s team on a regular basis that companies can try. To create that feeling of belongingness, the employer can send its employees a box at home that would include a set of objects specifically chosen as needed. The box could also include a personalized message from management. This will also allow you to live the corporate culture, one object at a time.

In these difficult times, it is important to buy local to help support our economy. Whether it is food, objects, packaging or assembly, Sobezone offers, among other things, products that are made in Canada, in Quebec, and some that are even made in Montreal. Contact us to receive some ideas of locally manufactured objects.

Sobezone offers tailor-made sets for your employees. These can include objects with or without logo, and our team can assemble and ship these sets quickly, and most importantly, directly to the recipient’s home. Here are examples of themes and objects that could be in your set!

Equip them

Below: web camera cover, wireless charger, wireless speaker with microphone and FM radio, wireless mouse, mobile phone support for computer screen, headphones with built-in microphone, power bank.




Move to stay in shape

Resistance band, sport watch with pedometer and skipping rope.


Keep the kids busy

Coloring book, wood game and playing cards.


Cook together

Apron, wood tray and mug with cover.


Comfort them

Fleece blanket, microwavable popcorn bowl and smores kit.


Develop their green thumbs

Grow kit, plantable seeded card and bookmark with seeded shape.



Buy local

Maple sirup made in Quebec, eye mask made in Canada, customized spinning top made in Canada, and popcorn box.




These are just a few examples of eco-responsible promotional items. For more personalised ideas and propositions tailored to your project, please contact us.