Custom made collection of items



Open since  June 1st 2021, this brand new Hotel located in the heart of downtown Montreal, welcomes you to the first small vertical community in Montreal, offering a rich and multi-sensory human experience. Humaniti Hotel is perfectly positioned to project unique lifestyles inspired by the diverse human interests. Their mission is to make architecture one with the human experience. Live and breathe in a diverse environment that puts you at the foundation of its spectacular design. Discover a fully connected environment where you will find a healthy grocery store, a bakery, restaurants, residential dwellings and commercial offices.

Sobezone had the chance to work with Humaniti’s marketing team to develop various items that met the hotel’s eco-friendly and minimalist mission. From shirts made here in Quebec, to custom-made square pens, as well as water bottles and elastics, a whole collection was developed. 

Their team is more than happy with the products and Sobezones customer service stating that:

”We are more than happy with the result of ALL of our items. I look like a magician who finds fantastic objects, so thank you for your efficiency and flexibility with our multiple requests. You are the best!”

Director of sales and marketing, Humaniti Hotel Montreal



Custom made collection of items

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