Office Christmas Parties: Enterprises Prefer To Keep The Online Formula

Many large companies don’t want to take risks

Despite the easing of several health measures and the improvement of the situation surrounding the pandemic, a large majority of enterprises will opt for a virtual Christmas party this year. There are several reasons for this decision. The lack of specific health rules regarding office parties and the lack of staff in hotels are the two of the main reasons.

As reported in La Presse and Radio-Canada, the options for in-person corporate events are limited for smaller groups. A private show followed by a meal at the hotel is a good example of a possible event. However, there are several challenges to this option. Setting up such a gathering becomes a complex process in this particular conditions. 

Moreover, to remedy this situation, many companies will opt for a hybrid or virtual formula for their Christmas party. Some also decide to report it in the beginning of next year. It is some very tricky circumstances due to the risks that may be involve.

Personalized gifts boxes, a great alternative

Meanwhile, many employers still want to personally thank their employees and give them a little something to celebrate the holidays. Personalized gift boxes delivered directly to each employees’ home is a solution opt by many. This is a great way to recognize and thank the organization’s members while respecting sanitary measures.

Sobezone is currently on trend and is assisting many companies in the creation of personalized gift boxes. Do you have an idea or would you like to offer this type of gift to your employees? Do not hesitate to contact a member of our team who will be able to help you according to your criteria.

The Sobezone Team